Students Living Co-operatively!

Our Mandate

The Peterborough Student Co-operative is an  organization dedicated to the establishment of a co-operative-based student and community residence in downtown Peterborough. Our mandate is to provide students with an affordable, safe and supportive housing community that blends academic and extra-curricular learning with resources, programming and support so that students can get the absolute most out of their experience living downtown.

Our organization is governed by internationally accepted co-operative principles and, since our inception in 2009, has steadily grown to include more than one hundred members representing the diverse constituencies of the Peterborough community: students, university staff, alumni, faculty and members of the downtown community. In that time we have also received the overwhelming support of the student population at Trent through a successful referendum question and have partnered with established community organizations, many of whom continue to assist us today as we work towards realizing our goals.

A co-operative-based residential community in downtown Peterborough will foster an environment where students can live independently, safely and affordably while at the same time taking advantage of the many unique and exciting opportunities that only student run co-operative residence communities can offer.