Our Finances

As a registered not-for-profit, we are accountable to our members and the students of Trent University. Any individual interested in learning more about our finances and/or seeing our financial statement can send an email to info.ptbocoop (at) gmail.com or come to our Annual General Meeting. 

Levy Information

The Peterborough Student Co-operative is the recipient of a $3.31 Refundable Levy from Trent University. In 2009 the students of Trent University voted in favour of a $3.00 Refundable Levy to enable us to pursue our dream of Co-operative Student Housing in Downtown Peterborough. Levy money is an integral support to our current operations as well as our long-term goals of owning and operating affordable housing for students. 

Levy Refunds

Peterborough Student Co-operative greatly appreciates the ongoing support from students for our organization. As a refundable levy we make refunds available and accessible for students who for financial or other reasons wish to support PSC in other ways. To receive a refund, email info.ptbocoop (at) gmail.com before September 30th. We will issue refunds in cash and schedule two times for students to pick up their refunds before the fall reading week.